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Allez Sports will teach you how to exercise correctly and safely through guidance and education.

Personal Training

Be Successful

If you have always wanted to run a 5K or bike more than 100 miles, Allez Sports will help you attain your goals with very effective personal trainer courses to take you to a higher level of fitness.

Be Extraordinaire

Whether training for recreational purposes or for a specific event, Allez Sports will provide you with a plan designed specifically for your needs and goals. You will want to improve every week and excel to your fullest potential. You will be Extraordinaire!
Under the direction of Susan Forsman, Allez (ah-lay) Sports will provide you with encouragement and motivation to achieve your goals. When you are ready to start a new exercise routine, a new sport or excel at your current sport, Allez Sports will maximize your results and keep your workout fresh with effective training ideas.

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Do you want an exercise plan that works?

Allez Sports training programs will develop your speed, endurance and mental aptitude to conquer your dreams.

Allez Sports will help you:
+ Run faster
+ Cycle smoothly
+ Eat healthier
+ Empower your self

Are you getting the best out of your life?

Take the time to create a new life style for yourself.

Allez Sports, will help you get inspired and motivated. We will help YOU achieve your fitness goals by providing custom exercise programs.

Exercise is fun, achieving your goals is rewarding and Allez Sports has the experience to help you get to victory. The focus of the training programs is to develop you to have a balance between mind, body and spirit.

  • Improve Cycling Efficiency
  • Fitness Training and Cycling Skills
  • Improve Endurance, Speed, Agility, Power
  • Performance Training for Specific Events

Starting a Training Program

It is not easy to start a training program. The most effective way is to hire a qualified professional. Interview different people in the profession before making a decision. Visit your physician before starting a new exercise program.

If you want to lose weight decide, how active do you want to be? Exercise first before starting a new diet. Take note of what you eat for three days before changing eating habits. Remember that weight loss is not as important as getting physical activity because it is easier to stay healthy if you exercise instead of just dieting.

When you hire Susan Forsman you will:

  1. Learn strength training and flexibility exercises
  2. Have tips to improve fitness for the rest of the year
  3. Get a detailed plan of exercises to mmet your goals
  4. Improve your life span
  5. Be competitive in cycling or running
  6. First 30 minutes visit free,
  7. Second 30 minutes visit $45 per person

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