The Second Revolution

Nowadays, we are living in a world filled with deception, deceit, and is. The United States government will continue to perpetrate disgusting injustices on the general public. Regrettably, although there actually has not been a unified work making the government of ours responsible for all of the travesties they’ve required on the American citizen.

founding fathers
founding fathers

Remember the 99% movement of only a couple of years back. The protest never got put-together for in case it did perhaps only perhaps things will be a bit bit better nowadays. It’s the public although that were so indoctrinated in taking whatever the government mandates. We have seen countless amounts of unfunded mandates required on the American citizen most of which have put monetary strains on nearly every American. That’s simply part of the problems facing us today.


The larger crisis facing us now demands us to recognize that you will find 2 categories of males these days. On a single hand you will find males allied with the Creator. There are also people who alien themselves with the created. A fight for supremacy as one would set it, males allied with daily life and living verses males allied with things other males produced as corporations and cash. It’s this fight that’s been waged for hundreds of years. We usually have a decision between what’s truly beneficial, food, family, health, like life, communities and homes. Others look at what’s beneficial in quite an alternative scope. An illusion in case you’ll exactly where they think all, money, and corporations else that substitutes itself for what’s real. For a huge number of years, Mankind is residing in an illusion, manipulated, unconscious, half-asleep, and abused. It could not be any truer than directly in the United States.

A company instrument of the international banking conglomerates

To a lot of individuals do not understand the country it’s essentially a company instrument of the international banking conglomerates. What what this means is is the fact that every American are run by the corporation aka, the federal government of the United States. And also this signifies that the company United States has ownership of all the assets of yours, the home of yours as well as ones kids. Consider all of the bills we’re forced to spend, all those different fines and taxes as well as licenses we’ve to spend on. And, everything began in 1871.

When congress passed the Act of 1871 and subsequent legislation we others happen to be deceived ever since into thinking we’re independent and free when in fact we carry on and be servants and slaves of the corporation. The ignorance of ours of the facts has resulted in the silence of ours as well as our silence continues to be construed as the consent of ours to be beneficiaries of a debt we didn’t incur. The simple fact of the issue is the fact that treason was committed against the folks together with the passage of the Act of 1871. Through lust for cash as well as power this action was never rectified. We the individuals have lost much more independence than we recognize because of the company infiltration of government.

The ignorance of ours of the law has led the nation on the brink of catastrophe

It’s everyone’s responsibility and the obligation of ours as an American to find out about the law and just how it applies to everybody. The government has for years counted on the reality that many individuals are sometimes way too distracted, uninterested or lazy to determine what’s really occurring to the nation. We the Individuals have been for very long psychologically trained to enable the alleged authorities to act with impunity.

Nowadays, it’s although nobody truly cares to understand exactly what the Act of 1871 has inflicted on the very center of America. Imagine of most of the wars as well as courageous females and males which laid down the life of theirs for the upkeep of the ideals of the founding fathers of ours. When in fact many ideals had been tossed aside by the lust for energy as well as money. What we require nowadays is a Revolution in thought and in the thinking of ours in case we’re to actually have an opportunity to correctly the wrongs required by unscrupulous people who continue acting in accordance with the welfare of the corporate United States.

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