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Realizing the Dream by Bob “Bradan” Redmond

“Susan was quite firm in her expectations of me, that breaking with the plan could jeopardize the goal. All rides were ridden with a purpose which lead to the 508. She had me training harder on my on days and riding slower on my off days. She was able to coordinate the hours that I would need to spend in the saddle to minimize its impact on work and family. For the final build phase she had me riding with such intensity that I looked forward to an event day just to take it easy. But I could feel the results and it felt good to be able to ride in the company of my idols.

I put my trust in Susan which was easy to do. She had thought out everything that I could possible worry about and had contingencies in place. All I had to do was peddle the bike. The 508 is a ride that will amplify any small imperfection to a potential DNF, a ride that only 54% of the riders typically finish. I had the best ride of my life, able to ride stronger the 2nd half of the ride. I finished the ride with a respectable time of 36 hours and 45 minutes, placing 16th overall.

I cannot thank Susan enough for being my coach, my nutritionist, and my friend, helping me to realize my dream.”

“Susan is an amazing coach. The quality that sets her apart from other coaches is her willingness to work with you individually to address your specific need. I find that to be extremelly important in achieving my athletic goals. Compared to other coaches where one on one sessions are getting more and more rare, Susan makes it a priority to meet with you. She also takes great pride in her athlete’s achievement and aspiration.”

Jeff Tse
Fashion and Beauty Photographer